Ciao Bella ®
Fresh basil, tomatoes & garlic with mozzarella & your choice of tomato sauce or olive oil glaze.

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Via Bianco ®
Olive oil glaze topped with provolone, mozzarella, Swiss, fresh basil & oregano.

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Aloha Makana ®
With a unique mixture of Canadian bacon, fresh pineapple & mandarin oranges.

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California Spin-Dip ™
A blend of Alfredo sauce, spinach, artichoke hearts & fresh garlic topped with mozzarella & our own spice mix. For a special flavor add chicken as an additional topping.

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Amore Roma ®
Old World Masterpiece! Pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms & black olives.

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Chicken Alfredo
Alfredo sauce with mozzarella, topped with marinated chicken breast.
Grecian Gourmet ®
Feta, black olives, spinach, green peppers, tomatoes & mozzarella.

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Le Gardeaux ®
Our vegetarian deluxe mix: Red onions, green peppers, black olives, mushrooms & tomatoes piled on a deep bed of mozzarella. Recommended on a whole wheat crust.

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Americana ®
A bacon cheeseburger pizza with a mustard glaze, topped with mozzarella, ground beef, bacon & cheddar.

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Chicken Caesar
Creamy Caesar dressing with a hint of garlic, topped with marinated chicken breast & mozzarella, baked, then coated with shredded lettuce & fresh tomatoes.

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Taste of Chicago ®
From the Windy City! Ricotta, chicken, spinach, bacon & tomatoes topped with mozzarella & pizza sauce.

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Texas Bar-B-Que ®
Olive oil glaze smothered with barbecued chicken breast, red onions, fresh cilantro & mozzarella.

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Buffalo Chicken
Spicy Delight! from the city that never sleeps, our own famous grilled chicken marinated in our wing sauce on a glaze of ranch dressing topped with fresh mozzarella

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Ole Mexicana ®
This treat includes refried beans, salsa, black olives, tomatoes, beef, red onions, jalapenos, cheddar & fresh cilantro.

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Spicy Thai ™ NEW!
Taste of Thailand! A spicy Thai glaze topped with grilled chicken marinated in our own spicy Thai sauce served over a bed of mozzarella with red onions, green peppers, fresh basil & lightly topped with shaved carrots.
Meat Grande ® Wow!
For meat lovers! Classic pizza sauce, mozzarella, loads of pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, ground beef, bacon, salami, Canadian bacon & pork sausage.

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Appondanza ® Signature Pizza
12 Toppings: Mozzarella, pepperoni, beef, Canadian bacon, bacon, Italian sausage, pork sausage, salami, mushrooms, black olives, tomatoes, green peppers & red onions.

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